Businesses learning from War

Commerce and war are both about achieving goals with scarce resources in a dynamic, often hostile environment. In peace and war, on the battlefield and in the corridors of power, there are lessons in the military experience which can be learnt by businesses to their profit.

Ian Gardiner offers keynote talks from which every company can benefit.

Succeeding in Chaos

Ian Gardiner has prepared a programme based on the military doctrine of Mission Command which is a style of leadership and teamwork which promotes decentralised management, freedom and speed of action, and initiative.

This shrinks decision cycles, helps to ensure that all decisions are aligned with the goals of the business, and puts decision making in the hands of those best placed to make decisons. It also fosters ownership and clarity of thought. Using the chaotic nature of war as a stage, Ian Gardiner describes the process which has emerged from the crucible of defeat to deliver victory on the battlefield, and which all organisations can adopt to their profit.

Who is it for?

All team leaders, especially those in large complex organisations.

Organisations that have difficulties aligning their leaders and teams to the strategic direction and objectives of the business.

Organisations where leaders are not able or willing to make decisions that support the central purpose of the organisation.

Organisations where subordinate teams are not encouraged or equipped to make decisions.  

What will you get?

Leaders and teams that are more motivated, informed and aligned to achieve the goals of the business.

A more nimble organisation that can implement strategy quickly in response to the changing demands of the market.

Succeeding in Chaos is tailored to the client's needs. It can be a once-off 40 minute motivational talk with Q & A or it can be developed into a number of sessions with interactive exercises, thereby anchoring the concept more surely in people's minds. Succeeding in Chaos offers original, absorbing, thought provoking lessons drawn from the searing audit of war which offer valuable insights for all business leaders which will help them get the very best out of their people.

Ian Gardiner is a Visiting Lecturer at the UK Defence Academy. Drawing on extensive experience in the Royal Marines, and as chief executive of a £25 million charity employing 240 people, he is well qualified to explain how military thought and practice offers improved competitiveness in business.

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